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Gumroad 60’s Motown Drums WAV KONTAKT

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Gumroad 60's Motown Drums WAV KONTAKT
Gumroad 60's Motown Drums WAV KONTAKT | 499 Mb

We took an amazing sounding vintage Gretsch kit, miced it with vintage mics and recorded to tape with tube gear. Just enough grit for both modern and vintage productions!

*Recorded straight to tape at 15 IPS with tube preamps

3 toms
*Separate outs for 2 snare mics; top and bottom! Blend it to your taste!
*Soft, medium and hard hits with 20 RR (round robin) for each hit! That's 60 RR for each drum!!
*Gm compatible
*Two kicks to choose, one is with a grittier hiphop vibe for modern productions, the other is a more vintage sounding one!
*24bit/48khz wav files

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