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Java Web Technologies

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Java Web Technologies
Java Web Technologies
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This course will deal exclusively with web programming in the Java programming language. We’ll mention some basic terms, such as scripts, servlets, applets, JSP stations, methods for integrating Java code into HTML and more. In addition to handling basic concepts, the course will also focus on processing the most commonly used frameworks in the development of a web application: Spring web MVC and JSF. Upon successfully completing the course, you’ll be trained in the practical use of the most common programming language when creating web applications. In other words, the course will introduce you to advanced web concepts, the security and the efficiency of web applications, while these and many other acquired skills during the lecture will enable you to start a professional career as a web application developer.This course is just an introduction to web programming and web technologies such as Spring, JSF, JSP, you must continue learning after this course if you want to actively use one of these technologies. This course also prepares you for the ORACLE certification exam(Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer), increasing your chances of finding a great job.

Java Web Technologies

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  1. Java Web技术 本教程将特定讲授Java编程语言的web编程部分。我们将降到基本的术语,如脚本、slervlet、applets、JSP状态、将Java代码插入到HTML中的方法。处理处理基本的概念之外,教程还会集中于处理web应用开发中最常用的框架:Spring web mvc和jsf。 学习完本教程,你将能够在开发web应用时使用常用的编程语言。换句话说,本教程会为你讲授高级web概念,如安全和web应用的效率,这些必要的技能将会让你开始作为一名专业web应用开发者的职业生涯。本教程只是对web编程和web技术,如Spring、JSF、JSP的入门教学,如果你希望真正地掌握这些其中一门技术,你必须在本教程学习完之后继续深入下去。本教程也可以为你准备OCA的认证作为辅助材料。
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