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Automated UI Testing in Android

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Automated UI Testing in Android
Automated UI Testing in Android
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The Automated UI Testing for Android course is practice-oriented and explains major approaches to automating Android application testing.

This course uses a step by step approach to build a test automation framework and demonstrates all the relevant steps, starting from the scratch. It also pays attention to some corner cases and Android-specific aspects. Also, the course covers several typical solutions that can be used for Android application testing automation.

After completing this course, users will have mastered how to build testing frameworks for Android applications as well as how to deal with typical problems.

Automated UI Testing in Android

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  1. 安卓UI测试自动化 本教程是一部通过面向实战对安卓应用测试自动化的主要方法进行讲解的教程。 本教程使用一步步操作的方式开发一个测试自动化框架,并从头至尾完整地演示所有相关的步骤。教程也会关注与安卓相关的一些极端情况,并会对集中典型的安卓应用测试自动化问题给出解决方案。 学习完本教程,用户将会掌握如何开发安卓应用测试框架以及如何处理典型的问题。
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