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SweetScape 010 Editor v8.0.1 MacOSX

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SweetScape 010 Editor v8.0.1 MacOSX

010 Editor是一个全新的十六进位文件编辑器,它有别於传统的十六进位编辑器在於它可用'范本'来解析二进位文件, 从而让你读懂和编辑它. 它还可用来比较一切可视的二进位文件.功能多多.

SweetScape 010 Editor v8.0.1 MacOSX | 19.47 MB

Easily edit any text file, binary file, drive, or process on your computer. Our unique Binary Templates technology allows you to view and edit complex binary data in an easy, intuitive way. Includes a whole range of powerful analysis and editing tools.

Text Editor
Edit text files, XML, HTML, Unicode and UTF-8 files, C/C++ source code, etc. Unlimited undo and powerful editing and scripting tools.

Hex Editor
Unequalled binary editing performance. Edit any file of any size. Use powerful Binary Templates technology to understand binary data.

Disk Editor
Find and fix programs with hard drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, etc.

Process Editor
Investigate and modify memory from processes.

Scripting - Automate your Editing
• Simple or complex editing operations can be automated using a syntax similar to C/C++.
• Features over 275 different functions for operating on data.
• Integrated with Binary Templates to intuitively edit files. Simply assign to variables defined in a Binary Template to modify a file.
• Scripts may be shared and a list of scripts for download is available in our Script Archive.
• Run scripts from the command line with no user interface for batch processing.
• Powerful Workspace view including file explorer.
• Convert data between ASCII, EBCDIC, Unicode, UTF-8, etc.
• Inspector allows data to be quickly interpreted in different formats.
• Mark important bytes using Bookmarks.
• Full integrated expression calculator.
• Apply Highlighting rules to identify bytes in a file.
• Import or export data in Intel Hex Format, Motorola S-Records, Hex Text, C/C++/Java Code, Base64, Uuencoding, RTF, or HTML.
• Printing with full print preview, headers, footers, and margins.

Requires macOS 10.7 to 10.13

Home Page - http://www.sweetscape.com/

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