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Python GUI Programming Recipes using PyQt5

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Python GUI Programming Recipes using PyQt5
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 4 Hours | 848 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Python and one of its QT bindings, PyQT, has changed the face of GUI development. It allows us to build beautiful and powerful GUIs that grab the attention of Python programmers. QT5 has several advantages over other GUI frameworks such as tkinter and wxPython.

In this video, we will successfully install PyQt5 and the toolset that contains the QT Designer tool. The QT Designer enables us to develop our GUI in a visual manner, using drag and drop to add and position widgets, and we will use it extensively. We will then learn how to convert QT Designer-generated code into pure Python code.

After having successfully installed PyQt5, the QT Designer, and all other required QT tools, we will start out simple, building a Python GUI using only a few lines of PyQT5 code. Then, we will build a more complex GUI using QT Designer. Along the way, we will explore many QT widgets and learn how to efficiently lay out our GUI design. We will enhance the look-and-feel of the GUI using CSS styling. We will also connect our GUI to a SQL database, which we will create. We decouple the business logic code from the UI code, using best practices. At the end of this video tutorial, viewers will be able to develop complex GUIs using PyQt5.

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  1. PyQt5的Python GUI 编程样例 Python和QT的一个分支PyQT已经改变了GUI开发的面目。其允许我们开发漂亮并且强大的GUI,用来吸引Python程序员的注意力。QT5具有比其他几款GUI框架出色的优势,如tkinter和wxPython。 在本教程中,我们将成功地安装PyQt5和包含在QT Designer工具中的工具集。QT Designer可以让我们以可视化的方式开发我们的GUI,使用拖拽添加和定位组件,并且我们将大量地使用到它。然后我们将学习如何转换QT Designer生成的代码为纯Python代码。 在成功地安装了PyQt5、QT Desinger以及所有其他必要的QT工具之后,我们将从简单开始入手,仅使用几行PyQT5代码开发一个Python GUI。然后,我们将使用QT Designer开发一个更复杂的GUI。在开发过程中,我们将学习许多QT组件以及如何有效地布局我们的GUI设计。我们将使用CSS样式提高GUI的外观,我们还会将GUI连接到我们将会创建的SQL数据库。我们会通过最佳实践将业务逻辑代码从UI代码中解析出来。学习完本教程,你将能够使用PyQt5开发一款复杂的GUI。
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