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Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Training: The Basics

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Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Training: The Basics
Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Training: The Basics
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 4:41:18 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 1626.0 MB

Whether you're a photographer, designer, or illustrator, learning how to use Photoshop CC 2018 efficiently and effectively is a beneficial investment you can make to get the most out of your creations. Adobe Photoshop is a complex, and, at times, an intimidating product. In this course, Julieanne Kost filters out the noise and complexity for you so that you'll end up empowered and able to quickly get the image results you want.

Julieanne reviews the basics of digital imaging—from working with multiple images to customizing the Photoshop interface to suit your needs. She shows how to use different Photoshop tools to crop and retouch photos, while always maintaining the highest-quality output. She also demonstrates the most efficient ways to perform common tasks, including working with layers, making selections, and masking. Along the way, she shares the secrets of nondestructive editing using Smart Objects, and helps you master features such as adjustment layers, blend modes, filters, and much more—increasing your productivity every step of the way.

Topics include:

  • Opening documents in Photoshop
  • Opening files from Bridge and Lightroom
  • Working with multiple documents
  • Panning and zooming documents
  • Customizing the Photoshop interface
  • Modifying keyboard shortcuts for speed
  • Understanding file formats
  • Choosing color modes, bit depth, and color space
  • Cropping and transforming images
  • Working with layers and layer masks
  • Making selections
  • Removing distracting elements
  • Getting to know the blend modes
  • Working with adjustment layers
  • Applying non-destructive filters
  • Getting to know the blend modes
  • Applying filters

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  1. 无论你是一个摄影师, 设计师, 或插画师, 学习如何高效地使用 Photoshop CC 2018 都是一个有益的投资, 可以充分地发挥你的创造力。Adobe Photoshop 是一款复杂的, 甚至是有点吓人的软件。在本课程中, Julieanne Kost 化繁为简, 使你能够快速得到您想要的图片。 Julieanne 回顾数字图片的基础知识-从使用多个图片到根据你的需求来自定义Photoshop的界面。她展示了如何使用不同的 Photoshop 工具来裁剪和修饰照片, 同时始终保持最高品质的输出。她还演示了执行常见任务的最有效方法, 包括使用层、进行选择和掩蔽。一路上, 她分享了使用智能对象来无损编辑图片的秘密, 并帮助您掌握这些功能如:调整层, 混合模式, 过滤器等等-提高您的生产力的每一个步骤。
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