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3ds Max Lighting Fundamentals

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3ds Max Lighting Fundamentals

The lighting of a 3d scene is one of the most important aspects to master if you wish to achieve an appealing, good-looking, realistic render. With this in mind, mastering the basic concepts is not only necessary but an important part of a good foundation, that will help you master 3d illumination. In this course, 3ds Max Lighting Fundamentals, you will learn how to create and set different light types. Next, you will learn how the different shadow types work and how some settings can greatly impact your end result. Finally, you will explore some of the most important lighting concepts. After watching this course, you should feel comfortable learning advanced rendering aspects of your render engine of choice, using what you’ve see here as your base. Software Required: 3ds Max.

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  1. 如果你想达到一个吸引人, 好看, 逼真的渲染作品,3d 场景灯光是一个最重要的方面。牢记这一点, 掌握基本概念不仅是必要的, 而且是一个良好基础的重要组成部分, 良好的基础将帮助你掌握3d 照明。在本课程中, 3ds Max灯光基础知识, 您将学习如何创建和设置不同的光类型。接下来, 您将了解不同的阴影类型的工作方式, 以及某些设置如何对最终结果产生重大影响。最后, 您将探索一些最重要的照明概念。看完这门课程后, 你应该能够顺利地学习渲染引擎的高级渲染方面的知识, 使用你在这里学到的作为你的基础。所需软件:3ds Max
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