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Learning Web Analytics

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Learning Web Analytics
Learning Web Analytics
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Analytics can be an extremely powerful tool for measuring and maximizing the value of your business. In this course marketing expert Matt Bailey shows you what analytics is, what it can do, and how it will change your online business. Learn how to apply value measurement to your website and figure out which pages convince people to become customers and which pages push them away. Matt also shows how to integrate and measure your SEO and social media campaigns so that you can measure the full benefit of each.

Topics include:

  • Defining analytics terminology
  • The problem of numbers
  • Building segments for comparison
  • Finding value in your marketing
  • Creating valuable reports

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  1. 学习Web分析 分析是用于测量和将企业价值最大化的强大工具。在本教程中,营销专家Matt Bailey会为你讲解何为分析、其可以做什么以及其如何改变你的在线企业。学习如何应用价值评估到你的网站,以及发现哪些页面将访客转换为顾客以及哪些页面让人们远离。Matt还会演示如何将SEO和社交媒体活动整合到一起检测,这样你可以全面地对收益情况检测。 主要内容: • 定义分析属于 • 数的为 • 开发比较细分 • 发现营销的加之 创建有价值的报表
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