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Complete WordPress Course For Beginners

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Complete WordPress Course For Beginners
Complete WordPress Course For Beginners
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Create your own website from scratch using WordPress and a WordPress theme. Even if you never made a website before!

In this course I will teach you how to create a website from scratch using WordPress and the Enfold theme. Even if you are new to WordPress, through this course you will become a WordPress expert! I will teach you everything I know about this amazing theme! And thats not all. As an addition I will also show you how to create a webshop and start a mailinglist.

On of my biggest passions is teaching other people what I know. I started doing that on Youtube in juni 2015 and now I want to take it to the next level with more in depth tutorials about the subjects I love. And I love WordPress and the Enfold theme!

Watch the free video's in my course and check for yourself if my teaching style suits you 🙂

This is what other people say about me and my courses:

"Ferdy, thanks so much for this! It has helped me put my entire website together :)"

"Hello Ferdy, I would thank you for all your shared videos. You're a very kind person (we can see it through your videos). … In all cases, your videos make me progress … Don't change anything of you and everybody must remember that above courses which gave you a basic way, lot of personal work is the key of success. BRAVO Ferdy. Take care Ferdy."

"Ferdy, Your videos have taught me and guided me so much! I've watched the enfold and mail chimp all the way through as I've gotten started! You are an excellent teacher, and I am so grateful that my search led me to you and your videos. I'm inspired by you already, and you have made a huge difference in my life! I respect your drive and devotion to be excellent in what you do. I want that too! Your English is definitely understandable on the videos. I have never struggled to hear or interpret what you say and mean, and because you enunciate so well, your Dutch accent does not hinder your message. But I respect you for wanting to continue to improve! Keep going! I'm so excited about your next videos and tutorials!"

"Ferdy, I really like your tutorials and of course the way you deliver things to people. Please keep going on."

"Man,you are the best..if feels like you have so much positive energy and want to share it with us the beginners. All the best!!"

Complete WordPress Course For Beginners

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  1. 使用wordpress和wordpress主题从头开始构建自己的网站。即使你从来没有做过一个网站! 在本课程中, 我将教你使用 WordPress 和Enfold主题,如何从头开始创建一个网站。即使你是wordpress新手, 通过这门课程, 你将成为一个wordpress专家!我会教你我所知道的关于这个有趣的主题的一切!这还不是全部。此外, 我还将向您展示如何创建网上商店、邮件列表。
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