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TeraCopy Pro 3.26 Multilingual + Portable

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TeraCopy Pro 3.1 Final Multilingual + Portable
TeraCopy Pro 3.x Multilingual + Portable | 4.5/5.1 Mb

A popular utility designed to copy files faster and more reliably, providing the user with many features. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. It can resume broken file transfers and skip bad files during the copying process.

Fix problems easily
In case of a copy error TeraCopy will try to recover. If unable to recover in the worst case scenario it will simply skip the problematic file, not terminating the entire transfer. It can also wait for network or device reconnection.
Unnecessary files can be skipped to reduce the transfer time. During the process, TeraCopy shows detected errors, and allows you to fix the problem by recopying only the problematic files.

File verification
TeraCopy can verify files after they have been copied to ensure that they are identical. This is done by comparing hashes of source and target files.
Supported algorithms: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, Panama, Tiger, RipeMD, Whirlpool and xxHash.

Confirm drag'n'drop
TeraCopy can optionally show a confirmation dialog on every drag and drop operation. It can prevent you from moving folders accidentally from one location to another.

Faster workflow
TeraCopy can keep history of recently used directories, as well as show folders which are open in Explorer and other file managers.

Other Features

Shell integration
TeraCopy can completely replace the Explorer copy and move functions, enabling you to work with files as usual.

Export reports Pro
Save file lists with all related information as HTML and CSV files.

Edit file lists Pro
Unnecessary files and folders can be removed to reduce the transfer time.

Preserve date timestamps
TeraCopy keeps the original time and date of files when copying.

Trusted by forensic experts
TeraCopy is included in DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit).

Copy locked files
Copy files using an elevated Windows Service and Volume Shadow Copy if required.

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  1. TeraCopy Pro 是一款旨在实现以最快的速度(每秒接近百兆)在Windows 环境下移动/复制文件的工具软件 -更快的复制/移动文件:TeraCopy 使用动态调整磁盘缓冲区,以减少寻道时间。异步复制加速两个物理硬盘之间的文件传输。 -断点续传文件传输功能:你可以暂停复制文件过程以释放系统资源,并在想继续传输时通过一次单击即可从上次传输点继续。 -错误恢复保护机制:遇到复制错误,TeraCopy 会自动重新尝试,即使尝试不成功也只是跳过该文件,并不会终止整个传输。 -可以和著名的文件管理器Total Commander和Directory Opus整合在一起!方便你快速的移动和复制文件! -与Windows资源管理器紧密集成:TeraCopy 完全可以替换资源管理器中复制和移动功能,像往常一样甚至比以往更方便地传输文件。 -支持命令行! -原生支持Windows 7 X64
    hkdgniao7个月前 (10-16)